Why do Nigerians love football?

Awonusi Abiodun
Awonusi Abiodun July 26, 2021
Updated 2021/08/03 at 1:07 AM
Why do Nigerians love football?
Why do Nigerians love football
Players playing in the Nigerian league

Why Nigerians love for football is big question, many don’t really have answer to it.

Many enjoyed the sport because they inherited it from their parents, elders and even peers.

Many never know the reason why they love football so much, they just came to fell in love with the banter, the club they support.

Some doesn’t even love the sport at first, many loves it because of the financial aspect of it which is the sport betting.

Reason why Nigerians love football, is different, some enjoy seeing their country and football club scoring goals, winning trophies, and the most important part the Banter.


Nigeria are three times champions on the African continent, but never done that at the world level.

First African country to win a gold in Olympics, they achieve these feet in Atlanta 96′


Football is never interesting without banter, taking a dig at your friends who support other teams adding more pains to the pains, sometimes feels pleasurable for all.

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Basically football is all about passion, sometimes calling your friends in the night to congratulate him for me for his team loss, is basically one of the most fulfilling pleasures you might experience, and that enough might be the reason why Nigerians love football.

Sport betting

The world is growing and many people wanted to make more income and, sports betting sometimes rewards the passion.

Many don’t even like the sport but, they like it because they’re betting on them and they wanted to know how this team plays.

This might be some reason why many Nigerian love football.

But the big question is why did you love football? Drop your sentiment in the comment section.

We will love to hear from you.

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