Write for us

To fit in our team you will have to:

Be a good wordsmith with good editorial standards
Live an breathe football
Have the knowledge of what kind of articles attract visitors to our website
Are you a talented and passionate writer who is keen to forge a career as a football journalist?

Write for us
Write for us


Do you have the ambition to learn about online publishing to develop yourself as a writer?

If the answer to the above is YES! then we would like to hear from you!

Write for us
Write for us


To apply, please contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Please include:

Subject: application Soccerhub
Two articles for us to judge your writing (200 words)
A transfer rumour
Transfer related piece
Unique article, list or opinion piece.
You will work from your own home with shifts generally ranging between 2 and 8 hours in length.

Your biography

Types of football topic you are passionate about.

Your WhatsApp number for reaching out you add country codes. Read and understand our privacy to know how your information will be stored. For easier way to get your application reviewed fill this form  note if you opt to fill the form don’t bother to send a mail

Write for us
Write for us


Important – As we are a starting website we can’t offer you a huge payment for your services just yet. We will try to negotiate with you for a reasonable price. We hope that you share the same ambition as us and want to help establish Football Inside as a leading football website.

Let’s build something together!


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